About us


Printec exists since 2005 with branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong and comes originally from the classical textile machinery construction.

Printec High Power Led Solutions

Since a few years, we have specialized with a small team in LED lighting systems, which we market in Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, in markets where appealing and high-quality product presentations are required. These are mainly retailers from the fashion world, but also car or furniture stores, pharmacies and beverage markets are among our customers. Our experience and contacts in mechanical engineering help us with many conversions or, for example, the "replica" of old (no longer available) metal grid ceilings, which are equipped with new LED recessed spotlights.

All our lamps are manufactured to our specifications and are subject to strict quality control. We use only Cree, Samsung, Bridgelux, Epistar, Lumileds (Philips) and Osram LEDs, as we have the best experience with light colors, intensity and beam angles. On our products we grant a 2-year guarantee, a 2-year repurchase guarantee and at least 10 years of service.