KG 22 – LED Linear Lighting System

Light is flexible

A modern, fully LED based linear lighting system, for challenging light applications in retail, wholesale and industry.

KG 22 – Flexibility as highest characteristic

The modular concept consisting of trunking rail, luminaires and accessories is ideally suited for various light applications, f.i. in retail trade, wholesale, industry, storage, etc.

  • new development, completely optimised for the most modern LED technology
  • modular concept for flexible and individual configurations
  • extremely simple installation
  • high stability as a result of aluminium extrusion profiles and connectors
  • very good light quality and high efficiency by means of Samsung LED modules
  • compact and attractive design
  • configurable: length, power, beam angle, blind modules, colour temperature
  • accessories: motion detecting sensor, track rail, power socket, L-connectors, feed in, emergency light, suspended-, wall- or ceiling- mounted, Dali-drivers, dimmable, etc.

KG 22 – The trunking rail

The trunking rail is the base of the KG 22 light system. An extrusion profile from a high quality aluminium alloy, which is extremely stable and needs only a few suspension points. Even at long lengths, an absolutely straight alignment can be achieved. All wiring is integrated into the profile.

  • stable aluminium extrusion profile, suspension points only every 2 – 3 meters necessary
  • 1.416 or 2.832 mm
  • 5, 7, 11 internal wires
  • connection from the top or sidewards
  • easy connectors and suspension of the profiles by means of integrated connectors
  • up to 11 internal wires
  • wires 2,5 mm2 (supply) and 1,5 mm2 (control)
  • standard, stable connectors
  • phase selector on the luminaire (L1, L2 or L3), connects when inserting the luminaire

KG 22 – The luminaire

The actual light modules are easily attached to the trunking rails and fixed. Various beam angles (even also asymmetrical) and power options are offered depending on the application. The construction and fixation of the lighting modules increases the rigidity of the total system. The intelligent heat dissipation system increases the life time of the Samsung LED chips.

  • rigid aluminium extrusion profile with double connectors
  • 1.416 mm – 40, 65 or 80 watt
  • 130 or 160 lm/watt
  • beam angle from 25 up to 120 Grad, symmetrical, asymmetrical
  • phase selector can be set without any tools
  • intelligent heat dissipation system

KG 22 – The accessories

Nothing stays as it is – this is how it goes in many retail trade shops, workshops or storage rooms. Sometimes the shop design changes, new machinery is being installed or the storage system is changed. With the KG 22 system you remain flexible. It is possible to install additional power sockets or track light rails (for our 3-phase track lights).

  • 3-phase track light module
  • power socket module
  • motion sensor
  • light sensor
  • emergency light
  • Dali- or 1-10V dimmable as option

KG 22 – Application example


  • extremely equal lighting
  • promotional areas can be highlighted with the 3 phase track rail and track lights
  • savings: 72 %

KG 22 – Application example


  • equal lighting also in higher altitude for safe working with fork lift trucks
  • highest efficiency with motion detection sensors. The maximum light will be switched on when driving into the alleys.
  • savings: 69 %

KG 22 – Application example

Car repair shop

  • elegant solution by mounting the trunking rails directly to the roof construction. Less contamination
  • very equal lighting of the working areas
  • savings: 74 %

KG 22 – Application example

Car repair shop

  • suspended mounting on thin steel ropes
  • 90 degrees rotated towards the hydraulic ramps, illuminating the engine compartment well
  • savings: 70 %

KG 22 – With LED into the future!

Lighting refurbishment

Lighting installations in many industry applications are in need of updating. With the KG 22 system, obsolete lighting can be replaced with efficient and cost-saving systems. And with LED modules this is especially easy: they're mounted simply to rails without tools via rotary catches. The benefits of LED technology during


operation then immediately become apparent. A high luminous efficacy means the modules consume low levels of power over a long service life, the modules are sealed and therefore feature low maintenance, and superfluous, high-cost relamping becomes a thing of the past.


Professional craftsmen market
Illuminance old approx. 300 Lx.
Sizes: 30 x 30 m
Colour index: CRI 80+
New illuminance: >500 Lux
Ceiling height: 6 – 6,50 m
Lighting height: 3,9 m
2.600 h / year; € 0,24 / kWh

Old T26 Trunking light system 2 x 58 W, conventional gears New KG22 LED 65 / 80 Watt modules 120° beam angle
Number of lights 171 117
Illuminance <300 Lux >500 Lux
Energy consumption / year 63.975 kWh 21.645 kWh
Savings of enercy costs / year € 10.170
Savings of CO2 / year 22,5 t
Time of amortization < 3 years
Energy savings potential >65 %

Conclusion: amortization within 3 years at 70 % more illuminance (not yet included the savings on maintenance and exchange of fluorescent tube).

KG 22 – Easy mounting – a decisive factor

Installation advantages

One of the great strengths of the KG 22 trunking system is its simple mounting. All KG 22 system components, trunking rails and luminaire inserts are perfectly matched according to the system dimensions. Single or double-length rails can be combined to comply with the space involved, so that trimming of trunking rails onsite is not necessary. Modules can be positioned in the rails with randomly defined distances according to


system dimensions for both trunking and individual luminaire installations, meaning that mounting and installation is very fast. This is good for the budget in terms of time, money and nerves. Pre-assembled rail connectors enable the rapid connection of trunking rails, and X, L and T connector elements give more design possibilities when deciding on trunking configurations.


  • highly stable trunking rails
  • suspension points every 2.000 – 3.500 mm
  • steel cords with fast connectors
  • wall or ceiling installation with clips
  • installation of the trunking rail and luminaires almost completely without any tools possible
  • complete installation by Printec against fixed price possible


Brochure: KG22 LED Linear Lighting System